Portfolio by Category: Company Websites

Digi Global

Digi Global requested TechChef for a website that would offer user a unique experience .We designed and developed their website with an engaging design and user experience that showcases their brand’s image and products

The Protectors

With unique products and niche cliental protector’s approached us to come up with a solution that will give them maximum exposure and customer reach. We design a website that is not only optimized for SEO for customer reach but integrates social network features granting maximum exposure to bring in potential clients.

Abbassi Securities

Abbasi securities wanted a redesign of their existing website. TechChef designed and developed a website built on modern design standards and latest technologies. The website evokes the user with companies trust in their consultancy services


Our Company is dealing in the marketing and distribution of Environmental Safety and Occupational Health products of reputed multinationals of USA and Europe who deal in state-of-the-art products. Our field of activities and expertise encompass supply and training on the use and maintenance of Environmental Safety and Occupational Health products that we deliver. Our products […]

Mak Marketing

Our business and heritage is all about building your sales and your brand. Yes we have great technology, but it’s what it delivers that really counts. And yes, we have processes and practices for everything! – but as we don’t believe one size fits all, we develop bespoke solutions for all our clients to grow […]


MTFX approached TechChef with a huge project to redesign and streamline business processes of Canada largest foreign exchange & global payments company. Techchef revamped their look to modern design as well as simplifying while making use of user experience.

Global Radiance

Welcome to Global Radiance Group of Companies, the most diversified group of marine services in Singapore and internationally. We pride ourselves on offering owners and clients the advantage of vast and exceptional means of conducting business by providing services to our clientele under professional management, while consistently improving the productivity and efficiency of our existing […]


Pak Burnei needed a website redesign for their outdated website. TechChef developed their contemporary style and standards using best practices. Their site was optimized for SEO to increase visibility to users while maintaining their brands legacy.


IHA wanted a website that would be launched with their schools opening. We developed their website that reflects their commitment to bring modern Islamic education.