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TechMart multi-vendor system allow you to create virtual shopping malls with multiple stores , departments and vendors with no hassle. TechMart has multiple payment and advance management features that make running your mall easy and cost effective.

ADVANTAGES techmart-advantages-subHeading

Multi Vendor Can Open There Shops Multi Vendor Can Open There Shops
Vendor Base Sales Reports Vendor Base Sales Reports
 Live Ordering Fors CSRs Live Ordering Fors CSRs
Location Base Shoping Location Base Shoping

FEATURES techmart-features-subHeading

Commision Rate Commision Rate
Location Based Filtration Location Based Filtration
Deals based filtration Deals based filtration
Hot Sales Hot Sales
Best Saling vendor Best Saling vendor
Vendor Based Sale Report Vendor Based Sale Report
Individual vendor panel Individual vendor panel
Customizable vendor panel Customizable vendor panel
 Vendor Shop separate pages Vendor Shop separate pages
& Much More & Much More